Our Systems Are Failing: “This Is An Evolutionary Moment For Our Species” | Zero Hedge


More Malthusian bullshit. Oil may run out but a free market would be farther along in alternatives. Even nuclear would’ve EVENTUALLY been safe.

We HAVE the technology to provide lots of energy using small nuclear plants, powered by ceramic covered DU that is safe even if the system is breached.

David Muir on ABC with Trump 

For every three infuriating things he says, he says something sensible. 

He is a bull in a China shop, and he is going to smash many things. Most of them are tacky and need to be destroyed (EPA, DOEnergy, DOEd, HUD) while precious things like civil liberties will also be damaged. 
I am still waiting for him to crash the economy with huge tariffs, although his deregulation push could have major impact in domestic job creation. The inflation that is already brewing will fully manifest this year. 
He is wearing a heavy load. I am not hopeful, but I’m willing to give him some latitude at this moment. I hate everything about that sentence. At least he didn’t completely embarrass himself.