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Krieger: “It’s Impossible To Overstate How Terrible Mike Pompeo Is | Zero Hedge

“What’s most unique about Mike Pompeo isn’t the fact he’s a terrible human being, it’s the fact he’s so transparent and shameless about it…”
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Bumbling towards world war.


Is Twitter Too Big To Fail And Will It Survive?

Will Twitter Survive? Twitter is struggling to attract new users. No wonder, because they really did mess things up. But hopefully it will learn.
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I believe the purges of thousands of legitimate accounts this weekend which will be the end of Twitter. I retweeted many articles condemning that move. I was retweeted dozens of times.

This morning I had zero followers, my tweet error was “Null”, and my account no longer existed.

I had been considering deletion for a couple of days. I had looked up information on how to back up tweets so that I would not lose all of the information I had stored. It is in an .XL file, and cumbersome, but at least I have it.

I had planned writing a short manifesto on my decision to leave. Essentially, there is no discourse, only discord. Very rarely do I find thought-provoking and intelligent articles, when not long ago that was not the case.

You either hate Trump or love Putin.

Twitter has decided that socialism and fascism will rule the day. They embrace both emphatically, too ignorant to realize the fact that they are both evil and enabled by powerful government, not real free markets. The loss of subscribers combined with the general weakness of the stock market will crash stockholders. Good. Until Twitter is no longer ruled by “socialist justice warrior twats” it deserves to become AOL.

Wolf Of Wall Street Says Bitcoin Could Hit $50K Before… | News | Cointelegraph

FYI, BTC is at $8,814.50 as I write.

Wolf Of Wall Street Says Bitcoin Could Hit $50K Before… | News | Cointelegraph

I believe that bitcoin will retain historical value, similar to the way that a one or two letter .com address still has value, but lacks the robustness necessary for a fully convertible, safe, efficient cryptocurrency.

Any cryptocurrency must be backed by something beyond math. Although extracting gold from the ground and refining it requires energy, once the gold his mined, the energy intensity required to convert it drops exponentially. Bitcoin does not have this feature. It will always require that we have 100% access to sufficient energy. Although the same could be said for the old, in that it would be useless without electricity, gold at least has some practical values that a long string of numbers does not.

When a sovereign decides to tie a commodity (probably gold in a cryptoruble, maybe something with energy, but you run into the consumption problem unless it…nope, not gonna work long term, re: Petrodollar) to a currency unit, the whole story changes.

Russia remains my bet. She has less to lose than any of the other players.

India couldn’t pull this off without a miracle. The only chance would be a grassroots gold backed coin that overwhelmed the sclerotic bureaucracy, but that is some French revolution bullshit.

Nigeria could potentially pledge mineral and oil rights, and has some unique features that might make it possible.

China is a Potemkin economy. It is driven more by policy and diktat than any country in history, under a veneer of “capitalism “. Although it is very possible they could still default and convert everything to a gold backed cryptoyuan, such a move would suddenly turn a family treasure of a few coins into a small fortune, activating community reinvigoration, it’s doubtful it would fix the housing issue, the overcapacity, or the transition into a consumer economy in under a generation. It is possible, though!

Swiss leaders are so deep into the EU/EBC project that such a thing is unthinkable, which means that they have probably crafted backup plans. It’s just that these back up plans will be ignored. The Germans, Norwegians, and Finns have probably had a few meetings about it.

Russia has the least to lose, and the most to gain. The fact that they are settling trade contracts in gold with China, and trading oil for gold with China and Iran, and even trying to help their slower and less worldly little brother India, dying brother SAfrica and beleaguered brother Brazil, they can be banded together under a gold cryptoruble that leaves them all on somewhat equal footing.

India and China have enough gold to easily adopt it as a currency IF their leaders see the benefits, while SAfrica has enough that at renormalized prices ($8-20k/oz) to reopen many mines. Brazil has enough unexplored deposits to make it a player as well.

Even if the Russians call it the BRICScoin, and only allow verifiable gold to enter the system, they will become the richest per capita on earth. The government has 5800 tons, and individuals have just as much or more.

A Year of Low-fat Fascism

When I started this site nearly 2 years ago I saw the dangerous personality traits that Mr. Trump exhibited in his public appearance. I spent hundreds of hours watching videos of a young Donald Trump transitioning into the wonderfully realized character of Donald Trump. A few of my opinions changed.

Although I have never really doubted my belief in President Trump’s sincerity when it comes to his America first policy, his incredible devotion and love for his country comes through in virtually every interview he has ever given when the topic is broached. His passion for this country, especially for the less fortunate, is obvious. He wants these low skill, goodhearted people paid well and treated well.

Unfortunately, his other ignorance of economics and the limits of government power are two egregious to ignore.

The next few months, for the next year or so, might be great if he continues to push big deficit spending. But those bills eventually come due.

He will be blamed for the crash, but it will not be his fault. Decades of federal reserve printed fake money is the root cause.