I have watched the media coverage leading to the coronation of the Upstart King with dark fascination. 

The adolescent behavior of many of the people covering this travesty isn’t driven by worry about the poor or disenfranchised, the dead people in Syria/Libya/Iraq/Yemen/Somalia/Pakistan, or the destruction of the middle class by various neoliberal tax and regulatory policies that inhibit business creation- it is driven by fear that Trump will disrupt the decades of globalization policies that have transferred power from the local communities to the national government, and then to the international billionaires and NGOs that benefit from their control of the government apparatus. 

Large corporations spend billions on powerful lobbyists to ensure that their products are at an advantage. Although military projects are the most conspicuous recipients, then “unseen” recipients -like Vegas mogul Adelson’s opposition to internet gambling, or drug companies demanding restrictions on drug imports- are more important. 

The FDA requires 3D printed devices to undergo individual testing. Look at the thousands of pages of regulations specific to 3-D printing. 

Unless Trump decides to sit down and read Henry Hazlitt over the weekend I am not hopeful about the new administration. 


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