Is Trumpussolini going to shut down various Departments?

His appointment of Pruitt is interesting. Pruitt would love to shut down the EPA. 
Appointing Carson to HUD is another indication of intent. He HATES the welfare system, and has spoken openly of his contempt for it.
Puzder will be tasked with shutting down the Department of Labor. He was CEO of Hardee’s and has railed against labor regulations.
Chao’s husband McConnell will profit handsomely if the Department of Transportation is shuttered.
DeVos will make money by shutting down the Department of Education through her private education company.
Price is a doctor and will make money by drastically cutting the Department of Health & Human Services.
Could it be that a government bloodbath is coming? Could Trump actually have the audacity to completely shut down these various Cabinet positions, returning the power back to the states?
Just speculation, but I’ll be curious to see what the results are. 


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