Amazing blog post by Fredrik DeBoer

I am adding this to my very short list of fantastic Election 2016 autopsies.
My fear of Trumpussolini is secondary to my fear of the current PseudoLiberal Totalitarianism that enabled his election, pushing the reactionary “unprotected” to vote for him despite his obvious lack of qualifications. 
(If you haven’t read Peggy Noonan’s pre-election essay on why he would probably win, it is enlightening in its explanation of the new Class divide, between those protected from criticism and consequences, versus the majority which are unprotected. Poor white boys spend years in jail for possession of marijuana too)
Unless Democrats confront the sclerotic leadership, which has sold its soul to banksters, warmongering globalists and narrow but vocal special interests (which, unsurprisingly, is the same problem Republicans have) any chance of gaining ground in 2018/20 will be nil. If Trumpussolini doesn’t fuck up the economy massively by 2020, the Left will be rendered to fringe party status by 2024. 
We need leaders like you. I hope that you expand this blog post, then get a lot of exposure for “speaking truth to power” and use that pulpit to radically curb the current totalitarian tendencies of the modern Left. 
Until the Left agrees on a consistent message of protecting civil liberties, opposition to imperial wars, stopping domestic spying and foreign covert operations, ending the Drug Wars, and drastically curtailing the powers of the banks, nothing will change. 


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