Purple Revolution 

No, this isn’t about Prince. Just some stray thoughts that are beginning to coalesce. 
The current protests are not dying, and I believe that the organizations encouraging them will continue to press for the electors in various red states to switch to Clinton. 
An article from USAToday includes this paragraph-

Why is there an Electoral College? As we wrote in our 2008 story, most of the nation’s founders were actually rather afraid of democracy, and wanted an extra layer beyond the direct election of the president. As Alexander Hamilton writes in “The Federalist Papers,” the Constitution is designed to ensure “that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” The point of the Electoral College is to preserve “the sense of the people,” while at the same time ensuring that a president is chosen “by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.”

If the Clinton Deep State team decides to go this route, and argue that Trump is unfit, I fear that the resulting regime instability could be very dangerous. A large minority of Trump supporters will not quietly accept that turn of events. Loss of faith in government institutions is already abysmal, and such a move could potentially lead to conflict. The factions of the Deep State that do not like or trust Hillary will undermine any legitimacy she has. 
Although my feelings about Trump are well apparent, a de facto coup by Clinton could backfire dramatically. Tensions inside the country are already at a boiling point, and there is no way to predict the full response of people and institutions that would rail against it. 
Perhaps #CalExit could become #Texit. And Fleerida. And I’ll stop with the portmanteaus. 


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