Random positive thoughts 

Wrapping my mind around the fact that Donald Trump will be the new president of the United States has been difficult. 

As detailed in a post several weeks ago, in which I endorsed him, I did not believe that he would win. Even as the early November FBI investigation bombshell rocked Clinton, I could not foresee a real path to victory. Although I had seen the upper Midwest strategy on election sites, it seemed unlikely. 
I had not read this amazing article by Emmett Rensin, which predicted (from an ultra liberal perspective) the deep divide between “urban/urbane” Democrats and the blue collar underclass they were supposed to represent. I had not believed my mother, when when she told me how enthusiastic people she talked to were; or cousins, who didn’t like political bullshit but liked that Trump seemed to care about how our government bureaucracy was hurting us; or my lifelong Democratic great aunt, who voted for FDR in her first election and cast a vote for Trump because of how dodgy Hillary is. Like most liberals, I simply assumed She would be coronated. The coordinated media attacks against him would stop his supporters from even pretending to vote. 
I sat up until 2am, staring in disbelief, although I sent a text to my mom at 1031pm conceding that he was going to win. I’m generally ahead of the game. I knew how dangerous he was 14 months ago when I started this blog. I had not dared believe he would win. 
So, positive thoughts. 
He’s going to cool off the saber rattling with Russia. Hillary would’ve pushed for WW3. 
He will probably negotiate on all of his campaign proposals, and some may improve the current horrific regulatory environment. 
That’s it. 


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