When I started this blog last year I had a gnawing fear that he would win. Too many of his comments appealed to segments of the country that have been ignored for decades. His outspoken persona and status as an outsider, pledging to “Clean Up The Swamp”, endeared him to many democrats and independents. His emotional appeals to those who felt marginalized by political correctness and victimized by endemic corruption resonated, and by Tuesday I was 25% certain he would win. By 9pm my dread was fully fledged, and by the time I fell asleep I was tortured by my visions of our “Turnkey Totalitarian” state in the hands of a man utterly unaware of the real limits of government powers. 

We have transferred so much power into the executive office over the last 150+ years that any truly egregious behavior by the President would take years of court challenges to stop. The president has bombed and invaded and spied and lied so extensively over the decades, using Executive Orders to carry out legislation by diktat, that the Judiciary and Legislature (not to mention the States) have effectively handed over power. Never give your enemies anything they can use against you in the future. The supine Republican majority in the Congress is less likely than the Supreme Court to challenge him, meaning even more delay in stopping any extra-legal action Trump undertakes. 

The makeup of his current transition staff indicates a pivot towards the NeoCons and National Security State apparatus, and he is already hedging his bets with public statements. 

The large minority currently supports him wholeheartedly, and it will take a major betrayal for them to turn against him. 

This blog will be far more active in the future. Trumpussolini is the biggest threat to our liberties in my lifetime. We must put aside petty differences and make sure Congress steps up. If we work together to limit the damage he can do, even if it means the country parting peacefully once we stop him, our nation will be stronger. 



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