Trumpussolini is showing obeisance to the Pentagram 

This lobby loves power and strength. It loves military spending and weaponry. It loves its positions in and out of government that preach enemies, national security and defense spending. It loves military technology and military profits. It extols the armed forces.
The whole show is its idea of manlihood, its display of aggressiveness. What? Are its proponents impotent or sexually dysfunctional? Is this their only way of demonstrating their manhood?

This lobby loves to bully other countries. It loves to expand the U.S. empire and push it to its limits. It loves to be pugnacious and antagonistic. Its thirst for domination and subjection of other countries is insatiable. Every victory and every defeat equally whet its appetite for more and more and more. The most ardent and zealous members of this lobby are truly cuckoo madmen.
Michael S. Rozeff


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