My endorsement of Donald Trump

I am going to, with qualifications, formally endorse Donald Trump for president. I believe that his behavior and decisions over the next few months will reverberate for decades.


God help me, but I believe that Donald Trump may be the savior that conservatives, libertarians and honest liberals need, but don’t want. Admitting that the system is so fundamentally corrupt, so deeply broken that tacit support is immoral, is the difficult first step.

Too many people, myself included, have seen an image where a man should be. Trump has detractors, but he also has many people that love him, especially his family. His joy when he speaks of his children and their accomplishments is genuine. What one person perceives as superficial provides happiness to another. His specific skill set of intelligence, stubbornness, realpolitik, early working capital, powerful connections and charisma made him wealthy and famous. His family and other people close to him are well set.


His admiration for Ivanka is deeply tied to his pride- she is the most independently minded, most driven. He probably relies on her more than any of his staff. She would be, in my opinion, the decision maker. He would control the optics, she would drive the policy. He probably understands that she is just as smart as he is, and has probably told her privately that she is the smartest of the two. When equals meet, it is occasionally possible for them to admit inferiority in various categories.


Whatever my personal opinion of Mr Trump, I realize that I have no right to judge his values. I have zero doubt that he wants what he perceives is best for this country despite his clumsy articulation. His understanding of what is best shifts rapidly- he understands some parts with passion, but remains insulated by his staff by other more dangerous and insidious problems created by the Deep State and central banking system.


These qualifications are as follows-


First of all, barring some thermonuclear revelation about Hillary- live video of her actually murdering several children with her bare hands might work- there is no way that Mr Trump will win. His poll numbers are improving, but I believe that the media will use every dirty trick they can employ to destroy his reputation. If he pulls ahead, I will withdraw this endorsement.


Secondly, I believe that his desire to win will not be diminished by the escalating attacks on him. Every derisive MSM article will further inflame him and his supporters, but each broadside increases the chance that he will simply abandon the MSM friendly narrative of fair elections. I hope he is well aware that probability doesn’t favor him at this moment.


If I have learned anything from my research on him it is that he enjoys the wheeling and dealing, but more than that he LOVES winning! Once the gloves truly come off, all rules of western political civility may be rewritten.



The most “conspiracy theory” scenario is that he is forced to withdraw. I think threats against his family by ANY shadowy organization would be a truly apocalyptic scenario for the Deep State. His love for his family would drive him to let everyone in the country know they were threatened, and he would place 24/7 guards on them on some island until they were safe. Do NOT screw with his family.



The more likely scenario- MSM coverage of his campaign becomes even more distorted and he lashes out even more outrageously- and that is why I am cautiously endorsing him. His determination not to lose means that he is willing to engage in behavior that will be highly disruptive to the “normal” (s)election process. He understands how ridiculously rigged the system really is and is willing to expose it.


His wealth makes it possible for him to protect his family from almost any negative impact. As his attacks on Hillary and the GOP old boy network increase in intensity, blowback is inevitable. Blowback will only fuel him. A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a powerful recruiting tool for rebuilding the libertarian wing of the Republican Party into the dominant force by embracing decentralized power and ending the NeoCon interventionist psychopaths.


In this best case scenario, he will begin attacking the “bedrock” foundations of our “democracy” and pointing out all the negatives. I am positive that many people in his current inner circle will be replaced, and some of the new advisers may be radicals. He may decide, on the spur of the moment, that a retired doctor from Texas, with a massive following, might be his path to the White House. His inchoate messages may coalesce into a message of more general distrust of government, especially the federal government. Knowing that the “system” will not allow him to win virtually ensures a scorched earth approach, with every charade thoroughly exposed. This is purely my fantasy.


Rather than go down as the biggest defeat in presidential history I believe that Mr Trump will position himself as the leader of a new party dedicated to defeating the current duopoly system. The side effects of such a radical change are unknowable, but often dire. I may regret this, even with qualifications in place.


For now he has my endorsement. If he succeeds in destroying the credibility of modern “democracy” then I might even vote for him.


PS–The final qualification is that my endorsement is based on my current understanding of Trump’s psychology, and his actions over the next 10 weeks may force me to disavow this endorsement. He is far from perfect. I have watched some episodes of The Apprentice and enjoyed them. I’ve read several dozen profiles. The doormen at my former apartment thought he was awesome. I am assuming he is, at worst, a benign narcissist. He doesn’t seem to take glee in the suffering of innocent people, and in politics that is a plus!


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