Support Sanders? Oy Vey!


Just as I’ve feared- Hillary Clinton will lose to Bernie and face Trump in November. Without some serious shenanigans by the DNC and GOP (moves that are already destroying each party from within) that is the scenario.

Libertarians are terrified of Trump. He is the exact type of strongman authoritarian that ends up in history with one name- think Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Mussolini. Or FDR.

In a challenge between Sanders and Trump, concessions for “special interests” must be made by both candidates. There is one significant and powerfully cohesive “special interest” bloc will listen to one man, implicitly trusting his word that these concessions will be explicitly incorporated into that candidate’s campaign platform, and that “special interest” voting bloc can be counted on to let their fellow campaign champions know that the ONLY reason they are working for him is to advance these specific goals.

If Ron Paul could get Sanders to pledge to do these 4 things-

1- withdraw all US troops from foreign bases and shut them down. All of them. All CIA, NSA, mercenaries, etc. Let China, Russia, and the EU control their spheres, and trade peacefully with all.

2- order the Justice Department to dismantle the NSA, CIA and DHS. Any constitutional activities they currently undertake would become part of the DOJ, and open to review. No more black sites, mass spying, renditions and “off the books” coups. Ending all government aid to all foreign countries would be nice.

3- end all corporate welfare. If you make more than $1M/yr from government projects then no tax breaks, no “no-bid contracts”, no subsidies, no more corporate welfare. Pure research, where any findings are public domain, would be exempt.

4- appoint Andrew Napolitano to the Supreme Court and Ron Paul Treasury Secretary.

The first 3 could pay for a generous domestic welfare system, while the 4th would protect civil liberties and sound money.

It is a dangerous gambit- he might actually win, but I think his idealism plus these 4 platform promises would be superior for Liberty (especially if HRC is not the nominee for the Dems) compared to the proto-fascist neocon bullshit Trump is spewing.

Trump scares me more than Sanders, although Sanders is more dangerous ideologically.


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